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Rest Your Case With Medical Precision

Easing the Headache of Healthcare Litigation

It’s time you focused on what you do best, while we do the same. At Armani and Associates Medical Consulting, we help attorneys strengthen their medical-related cases with insights only expert medical professionals can provide. Let justice be served with qualified nurses at your side.

We Take The Headache Out Of Healthcare Litigation

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Why You Need A Legal Nurse Consultant

Arguing a medical-related case can only go so far if you have not attended nursing school. The way we see it, you have two options:


Commission the support of a near-unaffordable Doctor of Medicine, or


Strengthen your case with the input of a Legal Nurse Consultant.


Why Armani and Associates Medical Consulting?

While there are other legal consulting options, there is only one company that guarantees:


Invaluable Input

While doctors diagnose and prescribe, it falls on the nurses to do everything else. Nurses have proven more valuable in medical-related cases for several reasons. Seeing as nurses spend more time building personal connections with patients, we have a deeper, more objective understanding of the extent of suffering through the eyes of the victim. Not only do we understand the patient perspective, but we have our fingers on the pulse of the medical world. We know that sometimes bad outcomes are just that- not all injuries come from a malicious or negligent healthcare provider. 


Cost-Effective Medical Consulting

We provide more support for litigation teams, for less money. Armani and Associates Medical Consulting is the secret weapon behind many of the most successful medical-related court cases nationwide. Aside from being more affordable than MDs, Legal Nurse Consultants 
help attorneys save even more time and money by meticulously screening cases for merit.


Law and Medicine – The Missing Link

No matter the nature of litigation, our Legal Nurse Consultants (LNCs) can bridge the gap between our two sectors. From medical malpractice to personal injury, worker’s compensation, product liability lawsuits, nursing home neglect and abuse, and everything in-between, a nurse’s perspective can make or break your case. We vow to be there every step and objection of the way.


Insightful Reports

Our LNCs will prepare accurate and reliable reports exploring the patient’s injury and damages after the incident in question-or to defend nurses and doctors on the line. We compile organized reports, perform comprehensive research, and create chronological timelines. Our reports are just as easy to comprehend as they are to present in the courtroom. Legal nurse consulting services are a small price to pay for your client’s justice.


Full-Spectrum Support

From screening to interrogatories, production requests, requests for admission, deposition questions, medical research, client interviews, IME/DME attendance, and beyond, LNCs empower you to focus on what you do best – while we do the same.


Broad Network

While we provide the full spectrum of legal nurse consulting services, we also enjoy uninterrupted access to a nationwide network of 4000+ other CLNC® consultants. If we feel that your case requires the input of another testifying authority or medical expert witness, we will share our honest opinion and will personally locate the people you need to win your case.


Unadulterated Facts

It is our job to protect the integrity of the facts. We won’t let the opposing counsel blind side you. We will anticipate potential defenses regardless of which side of the litigation team we are supporting. This is how you know you can trust that our opinion extends beyond personal perspective and is derived from evidence-supported practices. From medical record interpretation to summarization, we are hellbent on helping our attorney clients compel the jury and win their case – hook, line, and verdict. 


Our Practice Areas

Less Time on Medical Records. More Time to Practice Law.

Medical Malpractice

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Class Action

Wrongful Death

Drug- and Alcohol-Related Cases

Criminal Cases

Independent Medical Examinations

Worker’s Compensation

Product Liability

+ More

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Ready to Strengthen Your Case?

With our risk-free guarantee, it has never been simpler (or more cost-effective) to invest in legal nurse consulting services. Start a conversation with our team today to partner with a Legal Nurse Consultant as soon as tomorrow. Your client’s case deserves to win, and together – we can make sure it does.

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