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About Us


Meet Mackenzie

CEO & Founder

Mackenzie has encountered enough attorneys in her life to know how challenging medical-related cases can be. Without the background or perspective of a qualified medical professional, compelling juries with engrossing stories can be near-impossible.

Mackenzie is honored to partner with attorneys nationwide to help them rest their cases with confidence and conviction. She holds both Bachelor and Master Nursing Science Degrees, and has spread her wings in almost every nursing specialty imaginable. Aside from being a CLNC® consultant, Mackenzie is also a proficient medical researcher and is certified in critical care and pediatrics. 

Throughout her years in the field, Mackenzie has seen more than her fair share of suffering in both, patients and medical professionals with reputations on the line. Her compassion brings deep yet professional empathy to every medical-related court case she works on, matched only by her broad scope of nursing and the intricate inner workings of the healthcare system.

Mackenzie Knows

What should be in medical records

What to look for if something isn’t there

How to pinpoint policies & procedures and compare them to evidence-supported practice

How to underpin cases with authoritative literature to compel juries

How to educate relevant parties to deeply understand medical cases at hand


Get In Touch

Your journey with Armani and Associates Medical Consulting begins with a no-obligation call, 100% free. Once our staff helps you determine the resources you will need for your case, we can pave the road ahead. 


Bridge Between Medicine & Law

We understand litigation, and we are proud to uphold the bridge between medicine and law. No matter where your case is now, it is never too late to commission the contribution of an affordable medical professional. Is missing a winning piece of evidence worth the risk?

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